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8 Tips to Fix iPhone Overheating After Updating to iOS 11

Found that your iPhone gets really hot and battery drains after updating to the latest iOS 11? This tip is going to introduce several troubleshooting methods to fix hot iPhone issue on iOS 11.

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“I just updated my iPhone 6 plus (64 GB) to the iOS 11 since it’s released, but it gets quite hot and battery drains faster than ever. I’m even thinking if I should upgrade my iPhone from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3. Is there good advice to solve this problem? I’ll definitely try them one by one. Thanks a lot. ”

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In past a few years, iOS is regarded as one of the most advanced and stable operating systems around the world. In order to enhance the user experience and optimize its performance, Apple release new iOS versions based on a regular frequency. But every iOS updates comes with some minor bugs or problems, for example there are some users complaining that their iPhone get really hot after upgrading to iOS 11. Now we’ll offer some quick tips to help you fix iPhone overheating problem on iOS 11.

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Table of Contents:

8 Tips to Fix iPhone Overheating After Updating to iOS 11

1. Remove the Case or Screen Protector.

Remove your iPhone case or screen protector. If your case or screen protector is too old or dirty, it may cause your iPhone gets really hot on iOS 11.

2. Turn Off Location Services.

GPS is one reason that heats up your iPhone most after updating to iOS 11. Just turn it off in Settings > Privacy > Location Service > Off.

3. Turn Off the Raise to Wake on iPhone.

For some users, the Raise to Wake feature can lead to the iPhone overheating problem after iOS 11 update. Just turn it of by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > toggle off the Raise to Wake.

4. Don’t Use Your iPhone While Charging.

Some users like to watch movies or play games while charging iPhone after iOS 11 update, but this can cause your iPhone get quite hot. Just place your iPhone in a cool and well-ventilated place and don’t use it until the charging completes.

5. Shut Down Apps in the Background.

Too many apps running on the background may result in iPhone gets overheating after iOS 11 upgrade. Just quit the apps you don’t use in the background to cool down your iPhone.

6. Check iCloud Services After iOS 11 Update.

Your iPhone can be really hot after updating to iOS 11 if some iCloud services get into some trouble like the iCloud restoration is not completed so your iPhone will keep trying to restore iCloud backup in the background. Just check it and make sure there is no iCloud problem after iOS 11 upgrade.

7. Reset All Setting on Your iPhone.

If these tips don’t work to fix the iPhone overheating problem on iOS 11, you can try to reset all setting on iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Rest All Settings, enter your passcode when asked and then tap on Reset All Settings.

8. Contact Apple for Support.

The last tip to fix the iPhone gets hot after updating to iOS 11 is contacting Apple for help. You can just take your iPhone to Apple’s after-sale for checking and repairing.

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4 Ways to Recover Lost iOS Data After iOS 11 Update

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