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How to Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages on iOS 11

iOS 11 adds Apple Pay into Messages app. With it, you can send and receive money online more conveniently. Don’t how to use it? Follow this guide to know how to send and receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages in iOS 11.

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Apple is striving to improve iPhone’s online transaction by adding Apple Pay into Messages on iOS 11. Thanks to the brand new person-to-person payment function, you can now send and receive money with messages in iOS 11. The money you received is securely kept in Apple Pay Cash, which can be used everywhere Apple Pay is available or transferred to your bank account.

But note that this feature is yet to come this fall. Once the Apple Pay Cash comes into effect in Messages on iOS 11, you need to firstly set up Apple Pay on iPhone. This guide below explains how to send & receive Apple Pay Cash using iMessage on iOS 11 in details. Just read on.

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How to Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash Using Messages on iOS 11

In addition to Apple Pay Cash, iOS 11 also brings many other amazing features like one-handed keyboard, screen recording, Wi-Fi password sharing, better multitasking on iPad, etc. The iOS 11 is totally unmissable. If important messages get lost during the update, it’s no need to worry because you have Primo iPhone Data Recovery.

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Bonus Tip: How to Recover Missing Messages on iPhone after iOS 11 Update

Primo iPhone Data Recovery is a professional iOS data recovery tool to help you get back various missing data including text messages/iMessages after iOS update. Before retrieving, you can preview all messages on iPhone or iPad, and then selectively choose the messages missing after iOS 11 update. Recover these messages to iOS device or computer is your choice. Only several minutes will be needed. Get the gadget downloaded at first and then follow this guide to recover missing messages on iPhone after iOS 11 update.

How to Recover Missing Messages on iPhone after iOS 11 Update

How to Recover Missing Messages on iPhone after iOS 11 Update


According to the previous experience, iOS update will probably cause some existing data on iPhone or iPad lost. But with the help of Primo iPhone Data Recovery, you can easily get lost data back after updating to iOS 11. Now get the tool to have a try >>


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