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How to Record Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X

Animoji in Messages app is somehow limited because the duration only lasts 10 seconds. The post introduces a tip to make Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X by the screen recording tool built in iOS 11.

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With Animoji on iPhone X, it's fun to create and share custom animated characters in Messages app. There are 12 different Animojis for you to choose. Simply select the preferred one, record and send it, so that you can share the joy with friends.

However the recording clips are only limited in 10 seconds, and there is no editing function. The key to solve the problem is to use Screen Recording built in iOS 11 to make Animoji Karaoke on your iPhone X.

Table of Contents:

Detailed Steps to Make Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X by Screen Recording

The trending Animoji Karaoke gives you the possibilities to lip sync to your favorite tunes using Animoji and share them on social networks. Follow the instructions to record Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X.

Step 1. Select a song and play it from a source other than your iPhone X. (Music playback stops when Animoji interface comes up, so you need to play it from another sound source.)

Step 2. Open Messages app and enter a message conversation. Tap the app store shaped icon and then select an Animoji.

How to Make Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X

How to Make Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X

Step 3. Swipe down from the upper-right edge of your iPhone X to open Control Center. Tap the screen recording button, and press it firmly to open the 3D Touch interface to turn on the Microphone Audio option. You’ll get a three-second countdown before the recording begins.

How to Record Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X

How to Record Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X

Step 4. Swipe up to return to Messages and you are recording your Animoji(Don’t bother pressing the Animoji record button.). Once you’re done with your lip-sync performance, hit the red time in the upper left corner to stop recording. The video will be saved to Camera Roll.

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