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Should I Update to iOS 11: Things You Need to Know

With the approach of the official iOS 11, you might wonder should you update to iOS 11. This post explains the pros and cons of iOS 11. After reading, you ought to know whether to download and install iOS 11.

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The official version of iOS 11 will be available to download for the public this fall. Four beta versions have rolled out. A plenty of interesting new functionalities and enhancements have been exposed. Along with these fresh features, bugs and problems follow. So a number of users are hesitating whether to download iOS 11 and having a doubt in mind: should I update to iOS 11? Let’s head to the following post to check should you update to iOS 11.

Should I Update to iOS 11

Should I Update to iOS 11

Table of Contents:

Should I Update to iOS 11: Here Are the Advantages

1. iOS 11 Brings a Bunch of New Features

2. Some Enhancements Are Added to iOS 11

Should I Update to iOS 11: Here Are the Disadvantages

1. iOS 11 Update Might Cause Some Potential Bugs and Flaws

Always after a new OS update, some bugs and problems will occur inevitably. You may find your iPhone battery drains too fast, Message can’t work, or cellular data fails to work, etc.

2. iOS 11 Might Slow Down the Old iPhone and iPad

Some old iPhone and iPad models, like iPhone 5s/SE/6, may load slowly on iOS 11. But if you still want to try out the latest iOS 11, to know how to speed up iPhone/iPad after iOS 11 update is quite necessary.

3. Jailbreak on iOS Becomes More Difficult

Any jailbreak will be erased after you update to iOS 11. So if your iPhone or iPad is a jail-broken one, be cautions to update before the iOS 11 jailbreak is available.

4. iOS 11 Update May Cause Data Loss on iPhone/iPad

There are many complaints about data missing from iPhone or iPad after updating to iOS 11. The competent iOS data recovery tool – Primo iPhone Data Recovery can help you bring back the lost data after iOS 11 update.

How to Recover Lost Data after Updating to iOS 11

How to Recover Lost Data after Updating to iOS 11


With the advantages and disadvantages displayed here, updating to iOS 11 or not is your choice. If there is still any question you are not clear, please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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