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What Data Will Be Saved to iCloud Backup

Using iCloud to back up iPhone data everyday but actually you don't know what exactly iCloud backup saves. After reading the post, you will figure out what does iCloud back up and get a way to view data in your iCloud backup.

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Regularly making a backup for iPhone/iPad is of great importance since your iPhone or iPad data is sometimes at the risk of getting lost, for example, wrong deletion, jailbreak failure, updating accident and more. Creating backup might be easy for you. But can you figure out what does iCloud and iTunes backup? We have talked about the content in iTunes backup before, so in this tip, let’s find out what does iCloud backup include exactly. Besides, we are going to introduce you a simple way to access and view iCloud data.

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What Does iCloud Backup Include

Using iCloud to backup data, you don’t need to connect iPhone/iPad to a computer. Even when you are not at home, you can do your iCloud backup with a Wi-Fi network connection. Here’s what’s included in iCloud backup:

Data as follow is not saved in iCloud backup:

Generally speaking, you have no access to view content in iCloud backup. But with Primo iPhone Data Recovery, an iCloud backup extractor, you are allowed to view and extract iCloud data with ease.

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Bonus Tip: How to Access & View Data on iCloud

As a backup extractor, Primo iPhone Data Recovery is capable of accessing iCloud and iTunes backup within several steps. In addition, if you lost some data accidentally, it enables you to get them back with iCloud backup. This won’t ask you to restore the whole backup to your iPhone or iPad, namely, current data on your device will not be replaced by content in iCloud backup.

How to Access & View Data on iCloud

How to Access & View Data on iCloud

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Primo iPhone Data Recovery also supports retrieving iOS data directly from iPhone/iPad, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, calendars, reminders, etc. Now download it to discover more >>


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