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What Does iTunes Backup Include

iTunes is a way to back up your iPhone content, but do you know what exactly an iTunes backup saves? Read on to check the specific content included in an iTunes backup.

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Compared with iCloud backup, iTunes has the ability to make a more comprehensive backup for your iPhone. You must wonder what exactly iTunes backup includes? The tip here is ready to explain this point to you.

What Does iTunes Backup Include

Nearly all your iPhone’s data and settings will be backed up to iTunes.

Pay attention that these data and settings are not included in an iTunes backup:

After backing up iPhone to iTunes, you may want to access your iTunes backup, but to locate iTunes backup is quite hard. More importantly, the backup file is stored in an unreadable format. Don’t be frustrated. Primo iPhone Data Recovery can perfectly meet your expectations.

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Access iTunes Backup with Primo iPhone Data Recovery

As an iPhone backup extractor, Primo iPhone Data Recovery allow you to easily access and extract over 20 types of iPhone data from iTunes backup, including contacts, notes, messages, call history, photos, videos and so on. Meanwhile, files extracted from backup are totally viewable. If someday you mistakenly delete something like important chat with somebody on your iPhone, you can even access and extract just the messages from your iTunes backup without performing a whole restore.

Access and Extract SMS from iTunes Backup with Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Access and Extract SMS from iTunes Backup with Primo iPhone Data Recovery


Actually, Primo iPhone Data Recovery not only supports extracting and retrieving iPhone data from iTunes backup, but iCloud backup. What’s more, if you have no backup, it permits to recover content from iPhone directly. Download Primo iPhone Data Recovery to explore now.


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