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Export Music to Computer

If your music library get crashed or lost due to computer hard drive or system disaster, or just need to switch to a new computer, PrimoMusic will help you export your music, movies, TV shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, audiobooks and ringtones from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to a Mac computer [Windows PC version will be available soon].

Step 1

Install PrimoMusic on your computer > Launch it:

Welcome to PrimoMusic

Step 2

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer with an USB cable > Wait a second and PrimoMusic will automatically load your content:

Display Your iPhone Music

Step 3

1. Choose what kind of media file you'd like to transfer on the top of PrimoMusic.

Choose Media Type

2. Choose of which method you'd like to display your content. PrimoMusic offers by songs, by playlists and by album:

Choose Display Mode

3. Choose the items you'd like to transfer:

Select Songs You'd Like to Transfer

4. After selecting the items, choose an output folder and click Export button to start:

Export iPhone Music to Computer

5. Your iPhone media file exporting will be done shortly, and on the result windows, you can check how many items have been exported or open the output folder:

Music Exporting Completed

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