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Rebuild iTunes on Computer

Except for music transferring, PrimoMusic also offers the feature of rebuilding iTunes on its playlists, music ratings and play counts. With the ability of recognizing media contents automatically on your iPhone and computer, it enables to filter out all duplicate contents and grab only unique information, such as podcasts, movies, and TV shows etc. on your iOS devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad), then you can rebuild them to iTunes via Smart Transfer or Manual Transfer.

Step 1

Install PrimoMusic on your computer > Open it and you'll see its welcome interface:

Connect Computer with iPhone

Step 2

Run PrimoMusic > Click "Add to iTunes".

Click Add to iTunes

Step 2-1

Select "Manual Transfer" > Select media content you want to transfer.

Select Manual Transfer

if you only want to transfer Playlists on your iPhone to iTunes, the guide about how to put music from iPhone to iTunes will give you a specific solution.

Step 2-2

Select "Smart Transfer".

Select Smart Transfer

Step 3

After selecting the options to transfer, choose output folder and click "Export" button to add music to iTunes.

Click Export to Import Contents to iTunes

Step 4.

After completing this process, check the media contents you've transferred on your folder.

Adding to iTunes is Completed

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