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How to Backup iPhone on iTunes

Don’t you know how to backup iPhone on iTunes to have a copy of important data on your iPhone? Read this article to find out the answer. Windows 10 & macOS Sierra included.

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It seems that the iPhone is one of the most precious personal belongings because it’s like a house which stores all data, like memorable photos of families, friends or beloved ones, treasured movies, high-quality videos of unforgettable events, important documents and so on. This means that iPhone is not just a mobile phone, but your whole life memories.

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It’s necessary to make sure that this data on your iPhone is backed up to a safe place that can prevent from losing it in case that your iPhone is broken or gets stuck. Apple can provide a simple and safe way to help you to backup your iPhone on iTunes to make a local backup on your computer. Go on reading this article to start the tutorial.

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How to Backup iPhone on iTunes

In many users’ conception, iTunes just can help to transfer music from computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod. However, iTunes can do much more, like backing up your iPhone on your computer. The amount of your desired data depends on the available space of your computer. iTunes allows you back up almost all data on your iPhone, but the following data is the exception.

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If you want to backup your iPhone on iTunes, it’s better to update iTunes to the latest version and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Run iTunes on your computer > Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2. Click iPhone icon > Click Summary >Select This computer > Choose Back Up Now.

How to Backup iPhone on iTunes – Step 2

How to Backup iPhone on iTunes – Step 2

Step 3. Go Preferences in iTunes > Devices. (Operating this step is to judge whether the iTunes backup is successfully finished.)

If you want to keep track of Activity, Health and Keychain data, you need to choose Encrypt iPhone backup in Step 2. You can create a password which is the only access to your iTunes backup.


With the above easy-to-follow steps, you may have successfully backed up your iPhone on iTunes. If you have another iPhone-related problems, just read the following articles you may like.

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