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How to Use the Reminders App on iPhone

Don’t you know how to use Reminders app on iPhone? In this PrimoSync guide, you will have a better understanding about it.

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As the most useful and popular default app on iPhone (Learn: How to Backup Contacts on iPhone), the Reminders app allows you to keep track of all the things you need to do. You can add, edit or delete any reminder anytime and anywhere.

The Reminders App Icon

The Reminders App Icon

Table of Contents:

Part 1. How to Use the Reminders App on iPhone

Add a reminder: If you want to add a new reminder on iPhone (Learn: How to Retrieve Deleted Videos from iPhone), just tap a list and then tap a blank line.

Share a list: If you and the persons you want to share are iCloud (Learn: How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud) users, you can share your lists. Just tap a list, Edit, Sharing and Add Person. After other people accept your invitation to share the list, you will have the right to add, delete and mark items as completed. Family members can also share a list.

Use Siri: You can use Siri to do some operations about reminders with hands free, like saying “Add homework to my work list” “Remember to call Mary” and so on.

The Screenshots of Using Siri

The Screenshots of Using Siri

Delete a list: When you are reading a list that you want to remove, tap Edit and then tap Delete List. The whole reminders in the list are also deleted.

Delete a reminder: Swipe the reminder you want to delete left and then tap Delete.

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Change the order of lists: Just touch and hole the list name and then drag the list to a new location you like. To change the order of items in a list, tap Edit.

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Find reminders: Scroll to the top of the interface to see the search field. All lists are searched by the reminder name. You can also use Siri to make it, like saying “Find the reminder about keys” and more.

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Part 2. Scheduled Reminders

The scheduled reminders on iPhone can remind you at a set time. The following tips will help you to use scheduled reminders on iPhone with ease.

The Screenshots of Reminders on iPhone

The Screenshots of Reminders on iPhone

Schedule a reminder: When you are editing a reminder, tap the Information icon and turn on "Remind me on a day." Tap Alarm to set the date and time. Tap Repeat to schedule the reminder for regularly occurring intervals.

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Use Siri: For example, say "Remind me to take my umbrella and coat at 6 p.m tomorrow."

See all scheduled reminders: Tap the Clock icon to show the Scheduled list. And you will know how many scheduled reminders and have an intuitive preview of it.

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Don’t bother me now: You can turn off Reminders notification in Settings > Notifications. To silence notifications temporarily, turn on Do Not Disturb.

Part 3. Location Reminders

Remind you when you arrive or leave a location: At first, you need to turn on "Remind me at a location" by taping the Information icon when you are editing a reminder. Then tap Location and then choose a location from the list or enter an address. After you define a location, you can drag to change the size of the geofence on the map, which sets the approximate distance at which you want to be reminded. If you use Outlook or Microsoft Exchange calendars, you can’t save a location reminder.

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Use Siri: For example, say “Remind me to stop at the shopping mall when I leave here.”

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Add common locations to you’re my Info card: When you set a location reminder, locations in the list include addresses from you’re my Info card in Contacts. Add your work and other favorite addresses to your card for easy access in Reminders.

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