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4 Tips to Recover Lost Calendar Events on iPhone 8/X

Find your iPhone 8/X calendar missing and need a way to recover the lost calendar events? There are 4 useful tips for you to bring them back.

Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Primo iPhone Data Recovery specializes in iOS data recovery. You can use it to recover disappeared calendars on iPhone 8/X. Download it to have a try.

With the built-in Calendar app on iPhone 8/X, managing schedule or setting appointments will be easily in good order. But sometimes the iPhone 8/X calendar events disappear due to the new OS upgrade, factory resetting or even wrong deletion. Then how to fix iPhone 8/X calendars missing issue? Try the following 4 tips to recover calendars on iPhone 8/X.

Table of Contents:

Tip 1. Restart iPhone 8/X to Fix iPhone 8/X Calendar Events Disappearing Issue

Restarting or force restarting device is always the first step you ought to try. To force restart your iPhone 8/X, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons for at least ten seconds until you see the Apple logo.

Tip 2. Turn on iCloud Calendar to Fix iPhone 8/X Calendar Missing Issue

On your iPhone 8/X, go to Settings > iCloud > Calendars to check if it is on. If not, turn on Calendars.

How to Fix iPhone 8/X Calendar Missing

How to Fix iPhone 8/X Calendar Missing

Tip 3. Restore from iTunes/iCloud to Recover Calendar on iPhone 8/X

If you have an iTunes or iCloud backup containing the disappeared calendars you need, you can restore iPhone 8/X from backup. But doing this turns not to be a very good deal because the backup content will replace all the new data on iPhone. And if your backup is encrypted, you can’t restore from the backup if you forgot iPhone backup password. So, the tip four below is a much better choice.

Tip 4. Use Primo iPhone Data Recovery to Recover Calendar from iPhone 8/X

As the name suggests, Primo iPhone Data Recovery aims to help iOS users recover lost or carelessly deleted iPhone or iPad data. When retrieving lost calendars from iPhone 8/X, we ensure the safety of all current data on your device. You can recover calendars right back to your iPhone 8/X or send them to computer as a local backup. Get it downloaded and do as the steps below.

How to Recover Disappeared Calendars on iPhone 8/X

How to Recover Disappeared Calendars on iPhone 8/X


Besides the missing calendars on iPhone 8/X, Primo iPhone Data Recovery can also help you recover lost photos, messages, notes, contacts, Safari history, etc. Get it to have a try >>


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