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Recover Ringtones on iPhone in 3 Ways

Some users report they can’t find the ringtones bought from iTunes store after iPhone update. If the same thing happens to you, don’t worry. The post here will teach you 3 tricks to recover missing ringtones from iPhone.

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Recently, iOS 10.3/10.3.1 update brings some problems. There are users reflecting they failed to find ringtones or alert tones purchased from iTunes store. This page may help you out if you meet the trouble as well. Unlike music, movies, apps, books and audiobooks, you have no option to re-download the missing ringtones from iTunes store, iBooks store or App store. But there are ways for you to recover ringtones on iPhone. We list 3 tricks to restore ringtones on iPhone in this tutorial. Just read on.

Table of Contents:

Trick 1. Recover Ringtones on iPhone with iTunes

With iTunes, you are able to sync your music, movies, books, tones and more. Before syncing with iTunes, you’d better make a backup for your iPhone, and then follow the steps to recover ringtones on iPhone by syncing them from your computer.

Recover Ringtones on iPhone with iTunes

Recover Ringtones on iPhone with iTunes


Trick 2. Restore Ringtones on iPhone from iTunes Store

Before restoring ringtones from iTunes store, you have to turn off Sync Tones in iTunes. Otherwise, you may download duplicate tones to your iPhone. To turn off that, just uncheck box next to Sync Tones.

Trick 3. Recover Missing Ringtones from iPhone via Primo iPhone Data Recovery

To recover ringtones on iPhone (iPhone 7/7 Plus is included), Primo iPhone Data Recovery offers a simpler method with only two steps. It is specially developed to retrieve missing or deleted iOS data. A total of 25 types of iPhone data can be recovered by Primo iPhone Data Recovery, including ringtones, notes, contacts, messages, photos, audiobooks and so on.

- Before recovering, it allows previewing all the ringtones on your iPhone.

- Enables to selectively choose certain ringtones that you want to get back to recover.

- Supports restoring ringtones directly to your iPhone or to computer.

- In addition to recover ringtones from iPhone, it also permits you to restore them from iTunes/iCloud backup without wiping existing data on iPhone.

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Step 1. Get Primo iPhone Data Recovery downloaded to computer and launch it. On the main page, choose Recover from iOS Device and click Next to proceed.

How to Recover Ringtones on iPhone – Step 1

How to Recover Ringtones on iPhone – Step 1

Step 2. Check the box next to Ringtones and select the ringtones you want to get back. Finally click the Recover button in blue.

How to Restore Ringtones on iPhone – Step 2

How to Restore Ringtones on iPhone – Step 2


Primo iPhone Data Recovery also works as an iPhone/iPad backup extractor. It gives you permission to access and retrieve content in iTunes or iCloud backup. Now download Primo iPhone Data Recovery to explore more >>


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