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by Abby July 31, 2017 | NO COMMENT

6 Tips to Speed Up iPhone/iPad After Updating to iOS 11

Found that your iPhone 5s/6/6s/SE/7 or iPad mini/Air/Pro is getting slower after upgrading to the latest iOS 11? Check on this tip to get some trouble-shooting solutions to fix it.

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Later in this fall, Apple will release its new iOS 11 to the public with its new features and advanced performance. Just like the other iOS updates, there would be many users complaining that their iPhone/iPad is running slower after updating to iOS 11.

Actually almost every computing device is prone to slowing down over time, especially when you use an iPhone that’s two or more generations old. Although the iOS 11 is workable on iPhone 5s, iPad mini2 and iPad mini 3, these devices can get quite sluggish after iOS 11 update. Here in this guide, we‘ve collected several simple methods to help you speed up iPhone/iPad on iOS 11.

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Table of Contents:

6 Tips to Speed Up iPhone/iPad After Updating to iOS 11

Tip 1. Update Your Software on iPhone/iPad.

If there are some apps that you haven’t updated them for a long time, then your iPhone/iPad may get much slower after iOS 11 update. Just heading to Settings > General > Software update.

Tip 2. Reset iPhone Network Settings.

The problem also lies on iPhone network settings. But this will remove all your custom settings including the Wi-Fi password. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Tip 3. Free Up Storage on Your iPhone/iPad.

The new iOS 11 may take up more running space on your iPhone/iPad, so releasing more available space on your iPhone/iPad is worth a try. Just transferring some useless files from iPhone to computer as backup and then deleting them from devices.

Tip 4. Turn Off Automatic Background Processes

Too many automatic background processes can make your iPhone/iPad running quite slow, so getting rid of them will speed up your iPhone/iPad and extend your battery life as well. Settings > iTunes & App Store > and turn all the Automatic Downloads off.

Tip 5. Reset Your iPhone/iPad to Factory Setting.

It's dangerous if you didn't do an iOS backup before you resetting your device to default setting. You may lose all content on iPhone or iPad. So make sure to backup your important data to computer.

Tip 6. Contacts Apple for Support.

If none of these tips can work to fix the problem of iPhone ringtone not working, then there may be something wrong in your iPhone hardware. So just take your iPhone to Apple’s after-sale for repairing.

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Lost/Deleted iOS Data on iOS 11

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How to Recover Lost iOS Data During iOS 11 Update

How to Recover Lost iOS Data During iOS 11 Update

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With the tips we offered above, it should be quite easy to speed up your iPhone/iPad after updating to iOS 11. What’s more, Primo iPhone Data Recovery can also help you export iPhone data to computer selectively as backup. Just download it and start a free trial now >>


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