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Convert Live Photos to GIFs

The Live Photos on iPhone 6s / Plus are not shareable through SMM, Email or Whatsapp, and this is the reason PrimoPhoto brings you such a Live Photos to GIF conversion feature. Besides, you can also turns your video shootings, Slo-mo videos and other videos to GIFs format for particular use.

Step 1

Install and open PrimoPhoto:

Welcome to PrimoPhoto Pro

Step 2

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer with an USB cable > After PrimoPhoto loads your photos, choose Convert to GIF:

Convert Live Photos to GIF Picture

Step 3

1. Choose what kind of photos / videos would you like to convert to GIF by double clicking album folder > choose photos / videos::

Convert Live Photos to GIF Picture 2

2. Set the target output folder on your computer:

Convert Live Photos to GIF Picture 4

3. Click Convert button to start:

Convert Live Photos to GIF Picture 5

4. Your iPhone photo / video convertion will be done shortly, and on the result windows, you can check how many photos / videos have been converted:

Convert Live Photos to GIF Picture 6

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